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Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor преди 2 дни
5uk5uk6kfukrud5ykrd3tjaegakerkyejr5rhx 4xtj n4thsmrumzeHEMGNWS
Kanchan Shrestha
Kanchan Shrestha преди 2 дни
Her t-shirt change my mind 😂
Samuel Ralte
Samuel Ralte преди 3 дни
Sick shirt
Its_Gacha Frost
Its_Gacha Frost преди 3 дни
I really thought she was really in ever after high
Hannah George
Hannah George преди 4 дни
I love lele shirt
Double Trouble
Double Trouble преди 6 дни
Man:what year is it Me well right now 2021 but for you 2018 your welcome
Edwige vanessa assi
Edwige vanessa assi преди 7 дни
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ,good
Caitlin’s teenage World
Caitlin’s teenage World преди 7 дни
What’s that song at 2:29 it’s so catchy
PEWDIE PIE преди 7 дни
Don’t look for Love look for pizza -lele pons T-shirt 2018
🐞𝙈𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙨🐞 преди 9 дни
4:51 when my cousins mom says Ofc You can buy a 19. Dollar fortnight card
🐞𝙈𝙞𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙨🐞 преди 9 дни
4:51 when my mom says yes you can buy 10k Robuxs
elusile nsarangbe
elusile nsarangbe преди 12 дни
Part 2 😂
Muhammad Muhiddeen Liman
Muhammad Muhiddeen Liman преди 13 дни
Her face at the end was priceless 😂😂😂
Brando Gomez
Brando Gomez преди 13 дни
HL Fishing
HL Fishing преди 13 дни
Amazing Glasses 🤓
Andrea Barter
Andrea Barter преди 16 дни
I love your videos soooooo much
Eric Gary
Eric Gary преди 17 дни
I love u lele
• Śtarzx •
• Śtarzx • преди 21 ден
The fact that this was 3years ago I remember watching like it was new 😩😭
Caroline Sekona
Caroline Sekona преди 22 дни
Omg you are very good at doing vides
Gamer 007
Gamer 007 преди 22 дни
At the start the man was running from the car
Gong z
Gong z преди 23 дни
Part 2 fantasy headphones?🙏
OVO преди 23 дни
Lili replied that however she love. 🤣🤣😪
Akeely Vickers
Akeely Vickers преди 24 дни
GALAXY ANIME преди 24 дни
The t-shirt though "Don't look for love Look for pizza"
Moo Wah
Moo Wah преди 24 дни
Wears glasses for 4 years wears same clothes for 4 years
Tony Mathew
Tony Mathew преди 26 дни
She is unique ❤️
FAri Khan
FAri Khan преди 26 дни
I just noticed one thing When she wear glasses for boss phone then time on 28 and then it's change which was 29 minutes 🤭🤨😉🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️but really o liked this video Love you pons 🥰❤️
Ahmad Latouf
Ahmad Latouf преди 27 дни
My when my mom spanks my3:25
Nicola Betts
Nicola Betts преди 28 дни
I love u 5th
Galaxy Vibes
Galaxy Vibes преди месец
Anyone here in 2021?😝✨ 👇
Pri Sha
Pri Sha преди месец
What did I just see? 😂 if something like this existed world would be a happier place.
Victor Mathew Morillo
Victor Mathew Morillo преди месец
Royale Kuromi
Royale Kuromi преди месец
I wish these glasses were real... I would like to be in Harry potter
EBA преди месец
sog good man.
mahesh bailake
mahesh bailake преди месец
When you look at beetlejuice through that sunglasses then you will see The Rock!
ABDO 619
ABDO 619 преди месец
Flores Chávez Family
Flores Chávez Family преди месец
2:33 when my mom is gonna give me cake*
Flores Chávez Family
Flores Chávez Family преди месец
4:50 *relizes its a 10000 billion for me to sign to get*
Flores Chávez Family
Flores Chávez Family преди месец
4:45 *me when mom gives homework*
Flores Chávez Family
Flores Chávez Family преди месец
3:21 me dreams about crush and being a celebirty*
Lydia Kirsch
Lydia Kirsch преди месец
The face she makes when she puts the headphones on tho!😂
Debbi Burns
Debbi Burns преди месец
What if u put the glasses and the headphones together?????
אריאל זלץ
אריאל זלץ преди месец
So what do they see?
xoxo cookie
xoxo cookie преди месец
I love the fact she wore the same outfit for 4 years
Jordan Roser
Jordan Roser преди месец
I wish I had those glasses!
MoonEclipse преди месец
Imagine the world if this were real
priscilla gurule
priscilla gurule преди месец
Sanjay Mistry
Sanjay Mistry преди месец
This video is amazing well done Lele Pones
Bhavya Khanna
Bhavya Khanna преди месец
4:50 I loved it
Planning my death Sleepy days
Planning my death Sleepy days преди месец
I'm dying
Lional Messi
Lional Messi преди месец
That's amazing
จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม
จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม преди месец
จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม
จัดหนัก จัดเต็ม преди месец
The end look at the smile
Steyci Canales
Steyci Canales преди месец
Wow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥xb
gagandeep singh kainth
gagandeep singh kainth преди месец
Bugs bunny 🐰
׶change¶× преди месец
This should be called What parents see vs what kids see
Astheshya Asth
Astheshya Asth преди месец
Obsi Burkamo
Obsi Burkamo преди месец
I swear
Leopoldo Scerpella
Leopoldo Scerpella преди месец
Que demonios
Kiken senpai
Kiken senpai преди месец
You're phone has seriously 45 hahahahahahaha
Marshall _MJ
Marshall _MJ преди месец
That smile was beautiful tho 👌🏻
Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez преди месец
Don't do meth people this will happen to you lol.
Sunflower Jasmine!
Sunflower Jasmine! преди месец
If those sun glasses could actually fix my room I would buy them even if they cost 1million LOL
Altin Cura
Altin Cura преди месец
ZYANA GONZALEZ преди месец
I love you lele
ZYANA GONZALEZ преди месец
I love you Elle
chrystal joyner
chrystal joyner преди месец
im still watching this,lol
Elyza Marc
Elyza Marc преди месец
T F. Hug. Ghhhh hygiene gggcsth. Dc
Zufu Edits
Zufu Edits преди месец
Me and Lele every time we put on headphones: YEAH
Ssss Aa
Ssss Aa преди месец
This video is so so funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Yesenia Perez
Yesenia Perez преди месец
So funny
Peace control Kyle Williams
Peace control Kyle Williams преди месец
For size I red hair red red hair 👩🏿‍🦰 dye my email and I got a new pair of hair red and hair red lipstick red hair and hair red hair
Jordynn Zepeda
Jordynn Zepeda преди месец
The real question is was the room clean and they had to mess it up or was it messy and they had to clean it?
Finicky aman
Finicky aman преди 2 месеца
Imagine if she farted and in her world everyone praised her for that so she kept going on
Lucifer忍 преди 2 месеца
for a homeless man one coin is a million dollars
not me ;-; • 5,000 years ago
not me ;-; • 5,000 years ago преди 2 месеца
I love how’s she’s just ( : >)
GB - 05ST 807276 Homestead PS
GB - 05ST 807276 Homestead PS преди 2 месеца
I don’t know what’s the funny thing I have literally the same glasses and it doesn’t do that Lol 😂
Edessa Vangsness
Edessa Vangsness преди 2 месеца
They must feel really ambaressed doing this in public
Leo_Wolf преди 2 месеца
Zahra Qaali
Zahra Qaali преди 2 месеца
Lol lol lol lol lol 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Crew Tales
Crew Tales преди 2 месеца
The first thing id do is give it to my mom so she would thibk my room do be clean
Thaib Aadhu
Thaib Aadhu преди 2 месеца
I want that lele smile..😂
5⃣6⃣ преди 2 месеца
Mateyini Pfoze
Mateyini Pfoze преди 2 месеца
I love her
RACHID SIR преди 2 месеца
Her magic smile😆
#Sweet_Tooth 🍬🍬🍬
#Sweet_Tooth 🍬🍬🍬 преди 2 месеца
Her expressions are Priceless 🤪🤪
Jodi Dos
Jodi Dos преди 2 месеца
I love the way she smiled when she got the headphones 😂❤️
Evelyn Zhang
Evelyn Zhang преди 2 месеца
Has anyone noticed that she been wearing the same shirt for 4 years 😝
ballet edit
ballet edit преди 2 месеца
Anaya Ramirez
Anaya Ramirez преди 2 месеца
2021 yooo
Sampath M
Sampath M преди 2 месеца
Female version of Jim Carrey
Jaheliz Martinez
Jaheliz Martinez преди 2 месеца
2:19 me when theres no school🤣🤣🤣
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret
Ryder Schroeder-Theoret преди 2 месеца
Rebecca Paterno
Rebecca Paterno преди 2 месеца
If y'all whatching this 3 years later ur awesomw
Irfan Ahmed
Irfan Ahmed преди 2 месеца
0:55 Here her battery percentage should also increase to 💯🤣🤣 Then it would be real fantasy
JACKSON ALICIA преди 2 месеца
is she your real mother
Katsuki bakugo
Katsuki bakugo преди 2 месеца
Lele is like my aunt she is possessed
Ashmita Chetri
Ashmita Chetri преди 2 месеца
Het last smile 🤣
Felisa Guzman
Felisa Guzman преди 2 месеца
ruweyda forever mee
ruweyda forever mee преди 2 месеца
ammu varghese
ammu varghese преди 2 месеца
🤣🤣am dead.
• {Gamez_with_WolveZ} •
• {Gamez_with_WolveZ} • преди 2 месеца
This is a expectation vs reality video lol😂
sajdah z hayat
sajdah z hayat преди 2 месеца
1:00 ur boss is waiting
Kitchen Food
Kitchen Food преди 2 месеца
How it has been 4 years and she has the same clothes ?😂
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