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HAWWI MOSA преди ден
Ms. Cherry
Lolona Dimond
Lolona Dimond преди ден
Titi souz
Justin Espinal
Justin Espinal преди 2 дни
Did anyone notice the class that lele pons was in is where chad wild clay and vy Qwanit were when they got stuck by project zorgo
wolfslander wolfstail
wolfslander wolfstail преди 2 дни
At my school all teacher pets get shoved in lockers and beat up.
Emily Kandel
Emily Kandel преди 3 дни
The first kid is Mila because she always knows the answer
CyberTray преди 4 дни
The life of a 1st grade teacher *Absolute Nightmare*
Bunny Bow
Bunny Bow преди 6 дни
And you are my favorites
Bunny Bow
Bunny Bow преди 6 дни
My name is Vivienne
Russian bear
Russian bear преди 6 дни
Her name is already ms applebum he didn’t have to say apple butt :/
Michele Muschke
Michele Muschke преди 6 дни
OK The kids are kind of dumb no offense 🤣🤣🤣
Ramelo Bledsoe
Ramelo Bledsoe преди 7 дни
I loving this 🥰
Parneet chatha
Parneet chatha преди 7 дни
The classroom is hantid
Kylie Sloan
Kylie Sloan преди 8 дни
😾😾😾😾👿👿👿👿😎😎😎😎SOFIA. SOFIE
💛💚Slytherain slime💚💛
💛💚Slytherain slime💚💛 преди 8 дни
Bum and butt are the same thing.....
Cat Burger with internet access
Cat Burger with internet access преди 8 дни
Half the class would have already been diddly done slapped and I would have been diddly done fired
Little b Randle
Little b Randle преди 8 дни
Danm lele your hot
Forever Clever 7
Forever Clever 7 преди 10 дни
Ok Veronica pshhhh
Aleah Martinez
Aleah Martinez преди 11 дни
I love you Elle Ponce
Gacha.Anime.Boba.MakeUp преди 11 дни
i feel bad for the teacher
Enchanted Bot
Enchanted Bot преди 11 дни
What was a water bucket doing at the roof?
Rylee Calhoun
Rylee Calhoun преди 12 дни
I like how they Mach up
Xioma Chavez Rios
Xioma Chavez Rios преди 12 дни
Anthony Santiago
Anthony Santiago преди 12 дни
Random kid: ay one kid got hurt Nurse: I’ll get the ice bag he should be fine with ice bags
Meija Holmberg
Meija Holmberg преди 12 дни
Hej bra
Sammy Plays 159
Sammy Plays 159 преди 12 дни
I am trying not to laugh because it is 12:00am
Sparkiie Night
Sparkiie Night преди 13 дни
3:03 .........good luck with CaRoNa everyone...
Max Becerra
Max Becerra преди 13 дни
Your video is funny
Katie Pala
Katie Pala преди 13 дни
Danica Liu
Danica Liu преди 15 дни
Ms. Applebut
Mimi Mimi
Mimi Mimi преди 17 дни
Wait isn’t this the classroom the chad and vy was trapped in if your a fan you will remember
Min Yang
Min Yang преди 17 дни
Did anyone notice that Ryan from Ryan toys review was in the video ;-;
XxNike_YT преди 18 дни
Its been 2 years already
Youssef Amro
Youssef Amro преди 18 дни
We are all about the same as the kids onononononononnonnononnonnononnoononnonoonnonononoonnonononono
Sarah Yee
Sarah Yee преди 19 дни
ms.applebutt with 2 ts ahhahahah
MsAxzia преди 20 дни
That's 5th grade for you
Girly 85
Girly 85 преди 20 дни
I love how lele says the students are disgusting, and brats
XxGacha_EclipsexX преди 21 ден
Tbh you would be a fun teacher kids would love you
Dana F
Dana F преди 22 дни
when you are talking with ur friend bout ur crush and she saids "Yeah he kinda cute tho" 2:41
Dana F
Dana F преди 22 дни
when your friend start to like your bias 2:41
Raven Lee Irwin
Raven Lee Irwin преди 23 дни
I asked him out first, I'm still dying
Raven Lee Irwin
Raven Lee Irwin преди 23 дни
Candy and cherry with a k they are my favs🤣🤣
Pineapple Slush_YT
Pineapple Slush_YT преди 23 дни
Omg my freind dylin is on there!!!
Uw Playz! :3
Uw Playz! :3 преди 23 дни
3:20 My favorite part 🤣 😂
lucie ku
lucie ku преди 24 дни
Miss Applebutt I can’t 😭😭😭😂😂😂
Essam Z
Essam Z преди 24 дни
I was in Cuba when this video was made
Kenzlie navarro
Kenzlie navarro преди 24 дни
Mrs. applebutt
julianka huckova
julianka huckova преди 26 дни
Brylie Hinze
Brylie Hinze преди 28 дни
Lele do you play roblox
Chrissy Kawai Boyd
Chrissy Kawai Boyd преди 28 дни
Heather Baker
Heather Baker преди 28 дни
Now it all
Melissa T
Melissa T преди 29 дни
If i had kids acting like that, id probably beat the shit out of them
Truc Le
Truc Le преди 29 дни
Michal Kors
Michal Kors преди месец
Actually Vienna was right the deceleration of independence was singed in 1776 but she did make a mistake The one who singed it was Thomas Jefferson
Aesthetic Glimmer
Aesthetic Glimmer преди месец
3:23-3:27 is my favorite part! The way she called the boy Miguel 😂
Kierra Davenport
Kierra Davenport преди месец
Layla Joiner
Layla Joiner преди месец
your dress is cute
Cre8tive_ Room
Cre8tive_ Room преди месец
She wrote 1770 not 1776 😂😂😂😂
Stay Glitchy
Stay Glitchy преди месец
Faisal Alkanhal
Faisal Alkanhal преди месец
AngelaGames! UwU
AngelaGames! UwU преди месец
Hold on of Candy or Kherry’s mom will marry the boy the kids wont get the boy’s kid
Jose Nieves
Jose Nieves преди месец
Learning Learnin Learni Learn Lear Lea Le L S Sc Sch Scho Schoo School
Francisco Garza
Francisco Garza преди месец
Dang these kids savage
•P a n d a T e a•
•P a n d a T e a• преди месец
Little Supper
Little Supper преди месец
Ms .applbottom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Summer Blossom
Summer Blossom преди месец
Candy's mam looks like my teacher- (I'm in year 4-)
Tara Powell
Tara Powell преди месец
that kid who said miss applebutt just puch or slap him in the face
Flower преди месец
Miss. Applebut
Analia Merino
Analia Merino преди месец
Who else saw the light up like a scen
Catherine Rable
Catherine Rable преди месец
hi Ms. applebum
XxRoblox GamerXx
XxRoblox GamerXx преди месец
Those kids.
Demiandlexii Boomers
Demiandlexii Boomers преди месец
Summer😍 Summe❔ Summ❓ Sum😨 Su😕 S😑 Sc😴 Sch😮 Scho😨 Schoo😰 School😱
Harper Johnson
Harper Johnson преди месец
OMGGGGG so funny when the girl says my daughter is a angel omg so sassy
yourdanos solomie
yourdanos solomie преди месец
Dynamic Gamer
Dynamic Gamer преди месец
Any Know THe Music That Played At 2:32
Karima Rabel Barber
Karima Rabel Barber преди месец
Donna Brown
Donna Brown преди месец
KJD49 преди месец
Miguel parents shouldn’t have kids
ANB Jay преди месец
Plot twist they all went to the same school
Daniela Barros
Daniela Barros преди месец
Bawihnem Tial
Bawihnem Tial преди месец
All in one 297
All in one 297 преди месец
Realationships are weird
Ghostygacha Studios
Ghostygacha Studios преди месец
1776 New York City. Pardon me are you Aaron burr sir? It depends who’s asking. Oh well sure sir! I’m Alexander Hamilton, I’m at your service sir!
Windows Falafel fan
Windows Falafel fan преди месец
The Parents like there kids
BlackPro Channel
BlackPro Channel преди месец
You can tell that the kids enjoyed acting
Elise Mcintosh
Elise Mcintosh преди месец
That’s not what a teachers pet is it is they be super sweet infront of the teachers but they bully the other kids
idk ;-;
idk ;-; преди месец
*K H E R R Y*
Vanessa Kanku
Vanessa Kanku преди месец
b͎i͎b͎f͎v͎i͎ i͎ y͎c͎u͎v͎n͎b͎i͎
Vanessa Kanku
Vanessa Kanku преди месец
f͎u͎c͎y͎v͎y͎v͎ u͎v͎u͎ j͎v͎h͎v͎
Amal Alhosany
Amal Alhosany преди месец
Amanda Renteria
Amanda Renteria преди месец
Mr. Steal Your Girl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alice Duong
Alice Duong преди месец
Jkknlvvb,glgl,b the app I use to be
•shadow•moonlight• преди месец
Shhh actually
Xiaraシ преди месец
And that BLUE SHIRT kid
Xiaraシ преди месец
I would just punch the 1st kid
Wolfy chan-chan
Wolfy chan-chan преди месец
Ms. Applebutt lol😂🤣😂🤣
Aashish acharya
Aashish acharya преди месец
No offense but the first one is Hermione Granger..😌
Thicc Thicc
Thicc Thicc преди месец
Ms. Applebut Kids:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Layla Miller
Layla Miller преди месец
I actually learned in my school the same thing
Asian Life
Asian Life преди месец
Are we gonna ignore the alien on the board? Its on 0:00
Kitner Payne
Kitner Payne преди месец
i love you lele
Chaos_YT преди месец
When they where fighting over the boy i for real thought it was another girl
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